The popular rant that youth is wasted on the young has an equally biting corollary that wisdom is wasted on old farts. usually gathered from making a life-time of mistakes. By the time you’ve “figured it out”, you’re too old

Live forever

If you want to live forever, marry a really boring, ugly partner. You won’t live forever but it will seem that way (sorry old joke :-).

We can’t really live forever.... but our behavior does affect how long we will live, and the quality of that life. Besides the obvious moderators of diet and exercise, a less obvious one is health care.

There has been promising research into slowing down the aging process by caloric restriction. While the initial research was performed on rats due to their short life spans and quick experimental results, recent longer term experiments on primates have confirmed improved biomarkers associated with reduced aging.

One of the obvious problems with caloric restriction is getting complete nutrition. While I haven’t completely embraced the lifestyle of caloric restriction I have long been a fan of optimal nutrition and enjoy following the travails of a group practicing CRON (Caloric restriction with optimal nutrition). I have found a number of good healthful tips from the CRSOB BB.  ( but you must work to get proper nutrition and deal with being always hungry.



We are a lot closer to our cave man ancestors than we’d like to believe. We are programmed to behave in ways that would best perpetuate our particular genetic code. The most successful cavemen (women) are our ancestors who programmed our genetic instincts.

Men and women are wired different. Understanding these differences, may help you negotiate the war of the sexes.... or not.

 How are men attracted to women?

To improve the propagation of a man’s genetic code, he will be attracted to all fecund females he encounters. For visual cues of which females are capable of being impregnated he will be attracted to breasts as evidence of maturity and a curvaceous hourglass shape. The significance of the waistline is that a prepubescent girl lacks the curves, and a pregnant woman, also lacks the narrow waist. The male instinct is not to waste seed on an infertile field. A male will be instinctively polygamous as more partners will increase his chances of propagating his genes.

How are women attracted to men?

For women, successful promotion of their genetic code requires completely different behavior. Instead of quantity, they need a strong mate who will provide for them and insure their safety while incapacitated by pregnancy. First she must choose a dominant male who is capable of providing for her and likely to do so. For the male to be willing to invest in providing this protection he must have reason to believe it’s his progeny he’s protecting. The woman may carefully bet on a few dominant males but for their personal success they need to appear monogamous.

Life isn’t fair.

I appreciate that this may appear self serving or an excuse for boorish behavior. It is just a little insight into instinctual behavior.